Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In The Beginning

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I am a writer (at least, I like to call myself one) and you can call me DC. I have created Endeavors of a Lonely Writer to track my attempts of entering the Publishing World. I'm sure it will be a long, slow, hard, heart-wrenching one, but I thought it would be interesting to track.

As a writer, I have written things, including two books. One we will call TOS - The Tower of Secrets - (all posts linked to TOS will be in purple) and GREN - The Grenich Tree - (all posts linked to GREN will be in green). Last January, I began sending out queries for TOS to various agents, all coming back with rejection (post re: this will follow) and over the summer, I sent out a few GREN queries as well (also, post re: will follow). Now January is approaching once more and I've been inspired to start querying again. For all those who don't know what a query is, see below:

A query letter is a formal letter sent to magazine editors, literary agents and sometimes publishing houses or companies. Writers write query letters to propose writing ideas.

Every writer must query to find representation, unless they are interested in self-publishing, which I am not. I'm starting off with agents, mainly because I think I'd be too scared to work directly with a publisher but, along the way, I may query a few. Writers expect to face hundreds of rejected queries before getting that one blissful response where some amazing agent/publisher asks to read the whole book...and then, hopefully, represent it.

As I said, the purpose of this blog will be to track the queries (I'll probably put a more detailed post regarding these up later) I sent out for TOS and GREN, as well as other books in the future. I have a number of other story ideas in my head as well as a couple half written novels on my computer (and in my head).

Before we get into all that, how about a little about me? Well, I'm still pretty young. Okay, quite young. Twenty-two, fresh out of college, with my first "real world" job. Who knows if I'm even a good writer? I'm very private about my work, which really isn't a good thing, and I've just started sending my book out to members of my extended family. I don't have much time to write now that I've started my 9-5, especially since my best writing time used to be around 1am and I don't stay up past 11pm now.

And what exactly do I write, you ask? Fiction. I enjoy making stuff up. I dabble primarily in the Fantasy genre (sword, sorcery, magic, elves, etc.) but am open to writing Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, and other genres.

So here begins the tracking of my long list of rejections...I never thought I'd be making something like this public, but away we go!

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Spotted Sparrow said...

"Who knows if I'm even a good writer?"

I know! And let me tell you, you are a great writer.